Disney Animal Kingdom-Review

Disney Animal Kingdom-Review

 Like all Disney fans, Pandora was on my list of must see attractions, so we headed to Animal Kingdom.  My plan was to get there when the park opens and head straight to Pandora before the line long gets too long.  We got a late start but walked directly to this attraction.   They built this attraction to hold 5,000 guests in the line.  By the time we got there, this line was FULL and was now heading across the land, then up a hill then around a booth and then finally made a U-Turn.  At the end of the line is a Disney Pandora guide holding a sign which read “End of Line” and informed us of the 2 ½ wait.  Most of the wait was in the blazing sun.  Fortunately, we thought ahead and had purchased the fan sprayer. 

It was decided one person would wait in line (on a scooter) while I took the two kids (11 yo) to find a ride with a shorter line.   We found the KALI RIVER RAPIDS in Asia.  We enjoyed the ride down the river rapids and didn’t even mid getting wet.  Since we still had time, we went to Dinosaur in Dino Land.  This was a fun and exciting roller coaster.  We all thought it was worth the wait.

We quickly walked back to Pandora and found our line holder was no longer in the line outside of the “official” roped line.  We explained our situation to the Pandora guide and she allowed us to go up the line through many people to find our line holder.  We walked up the entire mountain and continued inside until we spotted the scooter.  We still waited another 45 minutes in line. The ride was the best ever and the line was the worst.  Would I do it again absolutely.

From there, we searched for Mt Everest where we had a fast pass.  This fast pass lane does not move like most Disney fast pass lanes, this one crawls.  The kids loved the ride and all its twists, turns, reverse and darkness.  The ride was an experience I needed to have, but don’t need to do it again.  One of the kids went a 2nd time as a single rider.  I sat in the shade.

All in all, everyone was glad we decided to visit Animal Kingdom.  We left the Kingdom for others to explore and we headed back to the resort where a swimming pool was waiting. 

Simply Notes

  1.  They fan sprayers are a “MUST HAVE” for any park in Orlando in the summer.  (Orlando summers tend to last from March to October.)
  2. Mt Everest is one of the few single rider attractions at Disney