Adventure Squads

Meet The Five Most Adventurous Travel Squads

Royal Caribbean will name one of these groups “World’s Most Adventurous Squad,” and they’ll get to travel the globe.


Royal Caribbean International recently launched a search for the “World’s Most Adventurous Squad,” and groups of adrenaline junkies across the country are vying for the prestigious title. They’ve shared their most inspiring photos across five challenges on Instagram, showing us how they seek out and experience all the world has to offer.

After sorting through thousands of submissions, the five most daring, thrill-seeking groups rose to the top and advanced to the next phase. We sat down with the finalists before they compete on board Harmony of the Seas for the grand prize: a Royal Caribbean cruise (heading anywhere the cruise line visits around the world, which amounts to more than 250 destinations) and the title of the “World’s Most Adventurous Squad.”

Challenge #1: Thrills & Chills
For the first challenge, we sought adrenaline-addicted adventurers who pushed their limits and captured the heart-stopping moment. We found Jessica and her family of thrill seekers.

Jessica regularly travels with her brother Jacob, along with their cousins Joey and Madi, seeking activities from skydiving to scuba diving. Jess herself is an avid yogi and part daredevil, known to swing over the ledge of tall buildings in places like Amsterdam, where she recently traveled with Madi.

On the road, they’ve all got their roles. “My sister is the boss,” says Jacob (the fun one). “You can’t complain, because she gets everything done.” With Joey keeping everyone calm and Madi reallybringing out their competitiveness, they’ll be ones to watch out for when the competition takes to the high seas.

Challenge #2: Hidden Gems
To find the true hidden gems out there, you often have to take the road less traveled. Luke’s squad knows all about that, which may be why they won this challenge, in which participants were prompted to post a shot of their best secret spot.

Along with ConnorStephen and Amir, the group hikes, dives, climbs and surfs across Oahu, Hawaii—popping over to Maui to repel down waterfalls—but they seek out remote areas wherever they go. “It’s big to escape the city,” Luke says. “We always try to go out of our way to find zones that no man has touched.” Calling themselves the “Koa” or “warrior” squad, Luke’s group will be tough competitors—especially since they’re all avid photographers.

Challenge #3: Epic Eats
A big part of traveling is finding the I-can’t-believe-I-tried-that experiences, and Jeremy and his squad took the prize for the epic eats challenge.

No one in this group is shy about tasting something new. Rudy, the motivator, may be the most cautious in the group; yet he’s downed a raw egg dish in the Philippines. Jannah, a professional photographer, tried a beating frog’s heart in Hong Kong. Jason has munched crickets in several continents, and Jeremy claims armadillo tastes like turkey—but with “an even better flavor.”

They’re easygoing when traveling, thanks to their great balance. Jason makes decisions; everyone pushes Rudy’s limits, especially Jeremy the daredevil; Rudy provides some useful caution (and extra jackets); while Jannah captures all their adventures. The squad has gone skydiving in Hawaii together, and Jeremy plans to run a marathon on the Great Wall of China. There’s no doubt the team is adventure-ready.

Challenge #4: Culture Capture
This challenge was all about being immersed in a new culture, from the art to the food, music and people. Chelsea won with her squad, which includes her boyfriend, Trevor, along with their good friends Michael and Abigail. They’ve all cruised to the Caribbean while on board Freedom of the Seasand Allure of the Seas, where each member’s roles were defined.

Abigail keeps things light; Trevor is the photographer; Chelsea is the schedule keeper (sometimes to the minute) and fashion police; and Michael researches everything there is to do. Because they’re always searching for something new, cruises are a perfect fit. “We all like to see life in different countries, and cruises go to a bunch of places we’ve had an interest in,” Chelsea says.

Final Challenge: Land, Air, Sea
Adventure is found at all altitudes, and for this challenge, competitors were asked to push themselves to find it above and below sea level.

Anthony won with his squad of mountain hikers and deep divers. Anthony’s brother, John; John’s girlfriend, Renee; and Anthony’s best friend Kyle mostly are go-with-the-flow travelers—but also seek out things that are out of the ordinary. Though based in Oahu, they’ve gone snowboarding down towering Canadian peaks and road-tripped the east coast. John even took up ice pick climbing.

Coupled with John’s professional photography experience, we’re excited to see what this group brings to the final competition.